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Looking for help taking some real estate videos and photos in Costa Rica? Here are some advises from a Real Estate Videography Company in Costa Rica. 


When people chose to live or invest in Costa Rica they are looking for a place to witness their family grow, make their dreams and goals come true and even their personal evolution. Basically you’ll be part of one of their most important decisions in life.


That ‘s something you can rely on just someone, so what kind of professionals do the customers look at when they want to buy a house? They’re looking for the best real estate agents, this is the reason to build a good image, because you’re in a very competitive business.


How to get this? With real estate videography about the properties you are selling, but most important showing your charisma, personality and knowledge about real estate.

At the moment audiovisual material represents the 82% of content that we see on the internet, this makes videos the most easy way to reach the most people, better than just pictures or something you wrote about it for a newspaper. 


In this article we’ll give you 6 tips for real estate agents to produce outstanding videos as real estate agents. You also will learn to speak to a camera with security and how to improve your real estate videography.  


Your brand needs a face

Few aspects give your brand personality and make people feel comfortable to see a face when they play your company’s videos. The human factor will make your potential customers feel related if they see another person in that place or using something you offer.

This is very important when speaking about showing a house, it is the best way to show proportions. Just imagine how boring it would be just to see a place and have no information related to it.

When we see someone else walking through a house or a building we see ourselves in that same spot.

Try to be as natural as possible and look like you’re having a good time. Think about it, you’re selling comfort and a good way of life. Watching a rigid and expressionless person transmits nothing but boringness.   

Find a tone according to your personality, not everybody can be clever, fun or serious (don’t confuse expressionless) in front of a camera, you should act the way you feel good.  

Something you can’t mess up with is the information, your public will look for someone with expertise that can help them find their dream home. 

Try not to get frustrated if words or gestures don’t come up as you initially thought it will be, keep trying, you can count with your fingers the content creators that love their first productions compared to their recent ones. 

Professional real estate videography is not a complicated science, you just have to get us to it. If you are one of those that get scared when they see a camera so we recommend you to contact

Remember, you’re in a tropical country 

We as costa ricans can tell you that we’re in a jungle, our country is one of the most rainy and tropical places on Earth, so keep that in mind when you’ll be making plans for the next house you film. 

In the rainy season we recommend you to roll the cameras before noon, generally the precipitation arrives after 1:00 pm. Besides, there will be less hours of natural light, your best ally. 

Ask for the weather forecast and make sure not to film during hurricane season, this might be a huge problem in the coastal zones of our country.

Another factor to think about is the sustainable projects boom, a tendency that is gaining much force and popularity here. Costa Rica produces 99% of its energy, coming from renewable energies such as wind, geoterm or the sun. 

The country is internationally known for its fight against deforestation and the environmental protection laws, back in the 80’s the 90% of our tropical jungles have vanished, in 2021 60% of Costa Rica were protected areas.  

Thanks to this, hotels, houses and even whole neighborhoods use solar panels, encouraging people to recycle and reuse water. 

If you succeed with this idea and you promotion this kind of project, you will call for a lot of attention in your videos, inside and outside this country, we invite you to visit this company website.

You got to believe what you’re saying

It’s not hard to note when someone is not sure about the things that they are saying, remember that, in real estate videography a vast knowledge about a subject doesn´t make us an eloquent exhibitor about it. 

Speaking natural and fearless in front of a camera can be complicated for lots of people, don’t worry if you’re among the 75% of the world population that suffers from glossophobia, this is the moment where we can help you with that phobia. 

Unconsciously we don’t want to be famous or recognized, even when we say otherwise, that can make you lose some privacy.

However, remember that any brand has achieved success standing in their comfort zone, everything borns from necessity and if you want to reach more people then you have to have an outstanding look in your videos, remember, you’re your company’s face.

Equipment, only what you need


If you were reading about audiovisual production, you might hear that you don’t need a million dollars or the latest equipment in order to make good content, this is true, however real estate videography does need some professional stuff. 


Don’t be afraid, we’re not gonna make you spend a lot of money, we are just going to tell you what you need to film these outstanding videos for business and how to succeed while you save some dollars.


Take a look at the zone where the house or building is located, this is really important, this is the reason why real estate agents use a lot of drones in their productions, this allows you to compare and see the relationship between spaces.


We can bet you will be moving around the rooms so the potential customers can see the materials and details. A shot with lots of movement is not a good one, so you’ll have to use a stabilizer with your camera or smartphone.

You’ll have to talk to the camera at different distances, so we recommend to use a wireless lavalier microphone, preferably with some external sound blocking system for street or wind noises for example. 


With just $1000 you can find these 3 tools, if you don’t mind second hand articles.


But if you want to this real estate videography professional and fast, you can reach

They have a lot of potential and gear to help you to sell that real estate.

Know your customers 


Finding your target audience is one of the best ways to reach success quickly on social media, every company has it and even their advertising campaigns are oriented to them.


Knowing your potential customers is important when you’re creating your professional real estate videography.


What do you sell? Is it closer to the mountain or the beach? Condos or houses?


Ask your customers if they love nature, if they have a partner or are on their own, pets, kids, if they practice some sport or have a hobby related inside home, if this will be their main house or just a vocational residency.


The intentions that potential customers have are the best indicator where the video theme should go.


Keep in mind the place or region where you are located, it’s not the same to sell properties in Guanacaste, than Limón or Valle Central, every place and population has their own characteristics that makes it unique.


Talk around with neighbors, visit small businesses close to the place, your customers will like to know details such as security, accessibility and even infrastructure such as highways or local roads. 


Investigate which services as hospitals, schools or government offices are close, the same for entertainment places as malls.


Once you know your target audience then it will be easier to make videos for your company, so will be the language you speak in front of the camera. 

Tendencies, your ally


Probably you’re not among the youngest population that knows every tendency and every famous tiktoker, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use these tools in order to generate interest and potential customers as a real estate videography professional.


Few people are open to watching a 10-20 minutes video without previous interest, the best way to create short audiovisual material that doesn’t come longer than a minute. 


It’s a time to tell what people need to know, invite them to watch a longer video if they still interested.


Try “Lives” on social media, this will make you closer to followers, they’ll see you don’t need edition to talk to them, podcasts are another powerful tool these days, you can even invite other real estate agents so they can share their experiences with you and your public.


If there’s something good about tendencies is that you can create content with these experiences, no need for new filming sessions, besides it’s an excellent way to attract new followers. You’ll have natural produced material.


Make catching intros, these days people can change videos only with a finger slide, it’s normal you have 3 or 5 seconds to convince the public to watch your videos until the end.


You have to learn how to use social media as it is, tools that allow us to connect with millions of people around, but this time you are going to connect your company with the world.


We’re beings that get us to new things, most of us from the boomer, x and millennial generations weren’t born with the technology we have today but we adapted perfectly to it.


If you want to learn more about the real estate VIDEOGRAPHY AND lifestyle in Costa Rica, listen this podcast:

As we mentioned at the beginning, creating real estate videography is not a complicated science, the main thing to keep in mind is knowing your company, your target audience and setting a goal to create quality content according to your brand’s greatness. 

It’s easy to learn about it but if you follow these tips you will find out how fun and satisfactory it is doing it within time.

Forming a style is the easiest way to gain recognition on social media or at least the scope you are working in, in your case the real estate videography.

Look for to have more tips and advices about real estate videography and digital marketing 


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