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La sensibilidad artística y el contacto con la naturaleza son valores importantes en cada uno de nuestros proyectos de diseño, fotográfico y audiovisual. Te mostramos algunas de nuestras obras de arte.

“The Great Secret of Miracles”

In my spiritual seeking I watched Gregg Braden’s videos on Youtube…very relieving videos. Relieving because for first time all this spiritual “non-sense” for actual society, had an explanation very easy to understand by a wise scientist.

Soooo, after knowing that this ancient and spiritual knowledge had scientific backing, I felt free to start my inner journey with confidence.

I first read “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief” I felt so inspired for all the teachings, that I started painting from inside, with this statement in mind: Our inner world (thoughts, feelings and emotions) affect the world around us through the space.

Más Ilustraciones

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